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Nutrigenomics – How to age gracefully with optimal health & wellness…

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Nutrigenomics is similar to Epigenetics which studies how our genes can be up or down regulated, only Nutrigenomics focuses on how foods and nutrients regulate gene expression.

Can we change our diet and add key supplements to up regulate anti aging and keep us in optimal health as we age?

The answer is a resounding YES.

Here is the evidence.


The short version: Lowering carbohydrates in our diet, effects aging.


Cynthia Kenyon: Experiments that hint of longer lives.


How vitamin D effects aging and telomere length.


Four ways to increase the expression of the FOXO3 gene, and what FOXO3 does.


Astaxanthin up regulates The FOXO3 gene by nearly 90%.

Astaxanthin compound found to switch on the FOX03 ‘Longevity Gene’ in mice by nearly 90%.


Combining Resveratrol, and Nicotinamide Riboside to enhance NAD reverses many signs of aging.


How to benefit from the information above:

Vitamin D3


EGCG Green Tea Extract

The Paleo Diet




Nutrigenomics is the science that shows how foods and nutrients control our genes and how they express either optimal health or weakened health as we age.  This is a major breakthrough and it puts us in control of our genes. We are no longer victims of our parents genetic patterns, with no power to alter our state of health as we grow older.

Consider a consultation: What services are provided and the associated fees.

Christopher Wiechert, CNC


What can be done to slow down aging?

Does it work?

Everything Changes with Telomerase Activation.  Formulated by Dr Ed Park, MD, Recharge Biomedical, Harvard and Columbia trained physician.

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Life Extension is not the prolonging of old age, it is the promoting of youthfulness…

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Learn how a combination of small molecules can radically improve our health, and help prevent 5 of the leading causes of death.

It’s all about having a long healthspan.

This is how the concept has evolved and has been fined tuned.






To benefit from this research, a combination of all of these ingredients has been formulated into a very powerful nutraceutical.  

Introducing Resveracel


Christopher Wiechert, CNC


Old human cells rejuvenated in breakthrough discovery on aging…

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The researchers applied compounds called reveratrol analogues, chemicals based on a substance naturally found in red wine, dark chocolate, red grapes and blueberries, to cells in culture. The chemicals caused splicing factors, which are progressively switched off as we age to be switched back on. Within hours, the cells looked younger and started to rejuvenate, behaving like young cells and dividing.

Keep reading:

The Paleo Diet – The diet that increases FOXO, an anti aging gene.



Ways to benefit from this research beyond diet:
He Shou Wu  


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