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You are in total control of getting or preventing Alzheimer’s Disease…

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Many, many years ago I wrote this quote.  I Have been teaching a low glycemic diet for 4 decades.  We now have Cardiologists and Neurologists that have figured this out.  Has your doctor?

“Carbohydrates like soda’s and fast food, are today’s version of cigarettes, back in the 50’s. They are acceptable, people always have them in their hands walking and driving around, and like cigarettes, they are slowly killing the masses who have allowed themselves to become addicted to them.” Christopher Wiechert



Resources to benefit from the above information:

Grain Brain – Dr Perlmutter


Nutrigenomics is the science that shows how foods and nutrients control our genes and how they express either optimal health or weakened health as we age.  This is a major breakthrough and it puts us in control of our genes. We are no longer victims of our parents genetic patterns, with no power to alter our state of health as we grow older.

Consider a consultation: What services are provided and the associated fees.

Christopher Wiechert, CNC


What can be done to slow down aging?

Does it work?

Everything Changes with Telomerase Activation.  Formulated by Dr Ed Park, MD, Recharge Biomedical, Harvard and Columbia trained physician.

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