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Age Backwards By Hacking Your Telomeres From Stress – Dr. Elissa Epel Interview…

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Like Dave Asprey, I am a Biohacker and have been for 40 years, 34 of which has been in anti aging research.

See whats possible and where to focus your energies health wise.

Recharge is my greatest recommendation if you also want to protect your telomeres using a supplement.  It was developed by Dr. Ed Park, MD, one of the worlds foremost experts in using Telomerase Activators in his medical anti aging practice.

First comes diet correction, then lowering stress and lowering the stress hormone cortisol, getting all 90 Essential Nutrients needed for optimal gene function, and other modalities to protect your Telomeres.  Epigenetics is also Nutrigenomics, as it is displayed by what we consume through food, beverages, air, supplements and medications.


3 books to order and read on these subjects:

The Telomere Effect

The Telomere Miracle: Scientific Secrets to Fight Disease, Feel Great, and Turn Back the Clock on Aging – Dr Ed Park, MD

The Bulletproof Diet – Dave Asprey


Nutrigenomics is the science that shows how foods and nutrients control our genes and how they express either optimal health or weakened health as we age.  This is a major breakthrough and it puts us in control of our genes. We are no longer victims of our parents genetic patterns, with no power to alter our state of health as we grow older.

Consider a consultation:

Christopher Wiechert, CNC


Everything Changes with Telomerase Activation – Order it Today!


About cwiechert1951

Christopher Wiechert, CNC is an educator, activist and consultant specializing in Nutrigenomic, Anti-Aging, Orthomolecular, & Restorative therapies. He has been working in the natural health field for 40 years. He is also the creator of HealthBlogger published online since 2005. His goal is to educate people about alternatives in nature for drugs and to introduce you to nutraceuticals, that along with a genetically sound diet, can increase your health span.

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