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You hear in the news that nutritional supplements are unnecessary. It’s totally untrue, and we have the proof.

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The worlds expert on nutrition, Dr Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND has the evidence and has sued the FDA 8 times and has won, that this information is a fact.  Watch and learn the truth, and stop letting the main street media, who gets huge amounts of advertising dollars to keep you confused.  There is no confusion, as you will see.



About Christopher Wiechert, CNC


About cwiechert1951

Christopher Wiechert, CNC is an educator, activist and consultant specializing in Nutrigenomic, Anti-Aging, Orthomolecular, & Restorative therapies. He has been working in the natural health field for 40 years. He is also the creator of HealthBlogger published online since 2005. His goal is to educate people about alternatives in nature for drugs and to introduce you to nutraceuticals, that along with a genetically sound diet, can increase your health span.

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