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Phosphatidylserine Reverses Memory Loss

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Phosphatidylserine (P.S.) is the oldest known, and arguably the most powerful, memory enhancer. The Hindu Rishi (Holy men), long before the printing press, were able to recite from memory the equivalent of 9,000 pages of text uninterrupted. They were believed so accurate that their recitation was considered correct, word for word. India has regarded phosphatidylserine a memory enhancer for the past 6,000 years. Phosphatidylserine is found in the bacopa plant leaves, growing along the river banks of India.

More recent studies have found that, besides improving brain function, phosphatidylserine reportedly lowers the stress hormone levels and enhances the sense of “well being”.

Many quality studies have investigated the mind enhancing benefits of phosphatidylserine. P.S. is a naturally occurring fat compound in the human brain. As is typical with many important substances of the body, it diminishes with stress, age and modern chemicals pollutants. It has undergone 63 clinical trials and is the subject of 2,800 research papers.

Repeated quality tests for cognition, memory and brain performance were performed; twenty seven separate placebo controlled studies demonstrate phosphatidylserine’s effectiveness in memory and cognitive enhancement.

One such study conducted by Stanford and Vanderbilt Universities together followed 149 patients, age 50 to 72 for a period of 12 weeks. The P.S. group took 300 mg of P.S. per day. The end conclusion was a reversal of memory decline by 12 years. While the average age was 64, the mental ability tested at 52.

The subjects who took P.S. were found to have improved all categories of brain function…number recall, misplaced objects, even recall of whole paragraphs read.

Research and testing has found one of the significant factors in memory loss is the stress hormone cortisol. Stress apparently blocks or deprives the brain cells of nutrients and oxygen. Ultimately these neurons function poorly or even die. The good news is P.S. is able to help restore health and function to some extent where damaged brain cells were apparent.

The opposite effect of too much cortisol, without the supportive nutrients, finds a decline of 20% to 50% of cognitive function. Another benefit observed by clinical trials was lowering of anxiety levels… 20% in one study. The stress symptoms of insomnia, headaches and irritability were reduced.

Another significant study was done in Italy by 23 medical institutions. The total number of patients was 425. They ranged in age from 65 to 93 years. The subjects each received 300 mg per day of phosphatidylserine. The results of this study found:

  • Better social interaction and conversation skills
  • Better memory and learning scores
  • Less apathy and listlessness and more sociability

Dr. Thomas Cook III, founder of the Memory Assessment Clinic, has tested almost 100 brain nutrients and says: “Phosphatidylserine is the most impressive one I’ve found so far.”

Every neuron (nerve cell) needs P.S. to function properly. It increases cell membrane flexibility and provides ability to communicate. P.S. stimulates other neurotransmitters including, acetylcholine, norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters are important to energy release, motor function, antidotes for depression and important for a sense of wellbeing.

Phosphatidylserine can be obtained from most supplement sources such as health food stores.

Denis Van Loan D.D.S. has a special interest in alternative health issues. He gathers information from over 17 different sources that include health research institutions, respected health newsletters, and authoritative health authors. He has a special interest in cardiovascular disease, migraine headaches and weight control. He has blogs or websites on these subject: –  Article Source:

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